Monthly Archives: May 2020

Episode 33: Keeping Expenses Down

One of the things on most CEOs’ minds right now is managing expenses when the business may be experiencing an unprecedented slowdown. Headcount is one place many organizations have had to pull back on, but what other items should CEOs be thinking about to control costs?

Episode 32: Public Communication in Times of Uncertainty

As the health and economic fallout of the pandemic continues, CEOs face a challenge in their role as the public face of the company. Today, Joel discusses tips for making public statements when the company’s situation going forward is unpredictable.

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Episode 31: Reopening the Economy

The logical question after an unprecedented, months-long economic shutdown is: “When and how to we reopen?” In this episode, Joel discusses the challenges we are likely to face in the months to come as business leaders deal with the second-, third-, and fourth-order effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Episode 30 : Sustaining the Culture Through Crisis

For many leaders, company culture feels especially fractured right now. Most employees aren’t at the office, everyone’s feeling uncertain, and the future is a haze. How can the CEO sustain a strong culture in such adverse conditions? We discuss just that in this week’s episode.

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