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Episode 59: Am I Doing a Good Job as CEO?

How does a CEO tell if they’re performing well in their role? It’s not an easy question, given how complex the job is. This week, Joel offers three signs that typically show up when a CEO is doing an effective job of managing and leading the organization.

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Episode 58: The Resistance to Giving Feedback

When it comes time to give critical or corrective feedback to an employee, most managers—including CEOs—shy away from having a fully honest conversation. This week, Joel discusses the importance of giving good feedback to the people who work for you, even when it’s uncomfortable.

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Episode 56: When Being Busy Is a Form of Laziness

CEOs are some of the busiest people around. And we live in a culture that celebrates people who are overbooked and constantly occupied. But busy-busy-busy isn’t the best mode for leaders to operate in. Joel discusses why that is—and what to do instead.

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Episode 55: Your First 100 Days as CEO

When someone takes on the CEO role for the first time, they often have very little training specific to this one-of-a-kind job. In this episode, Joel discusses what a new CEO can and should expect in their first 100 days as a chief executive.

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Episode 54: Fake It Until You Make It in the CEO Role?

The CEO role is the most visible position in the organization, and it comes with great responsibility. That means that many people feel unqualified when they first take it on. How do you handle that level of responsibility without long experience? Is it possible to “fake it until you make it”?

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Episode 53: Exit Planning, Part 3: Assembling Your Dream Team

A successful sale or acquisition requires a support network — the experts and allies who play key roles in the process. And it’s more than just a banker. Joel walks through the professionals and advisors he recommends enlisting before you go through the high-pressure ordeal of an exit transaction.

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Episode 49: The Tricky Art of Change Management

Whole tomes have been written on “change management” in the corporate sphere. While changing how humans think and behave is difficult, the process starts with the CEO addressing some basic questions for the organization. This week, Joel discusses what those questions are and why they form the necessary foundation of lasting collective change.

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Episode 48: Vulnerability and the CEO

“Vulnerability” has been a buzzword for years, but should the CEO care? When should the CEO disclose their emotions, fears, struggles to people in the organization? And what’s the line between being vulnerable and sharing too much?

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Episode 47: The Internal Triangle of Tension

Every business sells a product (or service) into a market. Thus arise three vital groups that form a triangle inside a business: sales, product, and marketing. As each of these divisions operates, natural tensions arise. Guess whose job it is to manage them? That’s right — the CEO. This week, Joel talks about how to manage sales, product, and marketing while running the overall business.

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Episode 45: The Motivation Equation

How motivated are the employees in your organization? One of the most fundamental mistakes managers make at any level —including the CEO — is misunderstanding how natural human motivation works. In this episode, Joel Trammell discusses the breakthrough theory that reveals how an organization can build authentic motivation across the workforce.

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