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Episode 46: The CEO as Chief Storyteller

Human brains are naturally drawn to stories as a primary way of understanding the world around us — and the role we play in it. This week, Joel discusses why CEOs should care about the art of storytelling and how they can use it to manage and lead more effectively.

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Episode 36: How Am I Doing As CEO?

The CEO has multiple challenges when it comes to getting feedback and understanding how well they are doing in the role. First, people in the organization may be reluctant to tell them the unvarnished truth. Second, their only real “boss” is the board, with whom they likely meet infrequently. How can the CEO identify their strengths and weaknesses as a leader and work on improving?

Episode 25: Preparing Your Business for a Crisis

Many of us were caught off guard by the current crisis. We will inevitably recover—but what can CEOs do to future-proof the business from the next unexpected disruption? You can’t plan for every contingency—but you can be smart about your preparation.

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Episode 22: Who Can I Talk To?

The CEO role might just be the loneliest executive job around. Not only do you have no peers in the organization—you don’t have a traditional boss either. And when you’re CEO, it’s a lot harder to get people to be honest with you. Our question this week is about how CEOs break that bubble of isolation.

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Episode 21: How Can You Tell If an Employee Is Doing a Good Job?

If you manage an assembly line, it’s easy to spot the best performer – it’s the person making the most widgets to spec. But with knowledge work, the CEO has a lot harder time telling who’s succeeding and who’s failing. This week, we talk about strategies for evaluating performance objectively, even if the work product is nebulous or complex.

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Episode 20: What to Expect as a New CEO

Polls of new CEOs show that most are surprised by the demands of the job, and find that they weren’t as prepared as they thought they were. Join Joel and Steve for a discussion about why that is, and how novice CEOs can ready themselves.

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Episode 18: The CEO as Culture Builder

The CEO role is an incredibly personal job—because who you are and what you value defines the culture of the organization. Joel discusses CEO tactics for owning your critical role as cornerstone of company culture.

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Episode 17: Data, Data Everywhere

In modern organizations, data is abundant. But can too much data cloud the CEO’s strategic vision? It’s a real possibility, Joel argues in this episode. Find out how to use data smartly in the CEO role.

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Episode 16: Managing the Board

Managing the board is one of the CEO’s trickiest jobs. Board members are your bosses, but the CEO does most of the work of managing them. Learn how to use the board effectively and avoid some of the most common mistakes CEOs make in relation to the board.

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Episode 15: The Value of Predictability

Almost every time a CEO gets fired, it’s because of a failure of predictability: The CEO told the board the organization could get something done, and then it didn’t happen. Joel discusses how to get better at prediction—and teach your employees to do the same.

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